Hutts for Mutts

In an effort to assist pet owners and to insure that pets are provided with proper shelter and safety, The Animal Advocates have begun the “Hutts for Mutts” program.  Our goal is to provide every dog or cat in Barnwell County protection from the weather.  Therefore, we are asking anyone that has a dog house or a pen, such as a 10x10 that is not in use, to donate it to The Animal Advocates. We will also accept blankets, dog and cat beds, and straw (if possible, we prefer wheat straw because it does not hold moisture and does not mold). 

These items may be dropped off behind our Pick of the Litter Shoppe (thrift store), which is located on the Circle in downtown Barnwell or at our Friends for Life Foster Center just past Barnwell Vet Clinic on Hwy 3 between Barnwell and Blackville.

The donated houses and pens will be given to people in the community for their pet.  In addition to providing shelter, we would like to prevent animals from being chained or being loose to wander the streets by giving pet owners in Barnwell County a pen (whenever possible) for their dogs.

Monetary donations will be gladly accepted and The Animal Advocates will purchase these items for those in need.  Won’t you please HELP?