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Adoption through Millie’s eyes……

I never had a home. I lived on the streets. I ate from trash cans. People yelled at me, kicked me, & threw things at me. One day I was picked up by animal control and taken to the County Animal Shelter. Everyone that walked by me said I was ugly and laughed at me….. I was ashamed and hurt. For once I was glad that I had long bushy hair over my eyes so no one could see my tears. I knew I would never be adopted like all of the cute pups and I had been at the shelter long enough to know what happens to the animals that don’t get adopted……they are taken to “the room” and they never return to their pen again.

Volunteers were at the shelter on the very day that is designated each week for unwanted animals to be euthanized. One of the ladies came to my pen to get me. My time was up. I didn’t fight to get away. I knew my fate…… I was lifted up into a tub, expecting the inevitable. But instead, warm water and shampoo were poured over me. I was in shock. I had never known what warm water felt like – only the cold rain or the spray of a water hose when someone was trying to scare me away. The lady gently dried me with towels. She then placed me in the front seat of her car where I immediately emptied my bladder. I knew I would be hit for my bad manners, but the lady told me it was ok as she cleaned up the puddle of urine from the seat. I was driven to Tara’s Grooming where I was given a bubble bath, dried, brushed, and given a haircut. When all of the hair had been clipped from my face, the ladies finally saw my eyes & said that they had never seen a dog with such long eye lashes! A lovely scarf was then tied around my neck and I was carried to the car again.

Before we drove away, the lady looked right into my eyes & told I was beautiful and that I had a home with her. I was adopted! Every single day for the last 4 years “my lady” has told me that I am beautiful. And you know what? I believe it!

“You may not be able to change the world, but you can change the entire world for one homeless animal”.

–Unknown Arthur

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