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Before and After pictures of Dixie. She had been scratched in the eye by a cat. When her eye became infected, her owners took her to the Barnwell County Animal Shelter because they said they didn;t have the money to take her to a veterinarian. Her eye was so badly infected that it could not be saved and had to be removed. Dixie was adopted by the mother of one of our pet dads at Allendale Correctional Institution and now lives in Charleston, S.C.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley was malnourished, had a broken jaw (which we had repaired surgically), and his fur was so matted he could hardly walk.


Sid was skin and bones when the Animal Advocates took him into rescue. He is a GREAT dog and is currently in our fostering program at Allendale Correctional.


Although she looked like a kitten that is approx. 8 weeks old in the "Before" pictures, she was actually over 6 months old.


Tequila had a terrible bacterial infection due to demedex.


Like most of the dogs and cats that come to our Friends for Life Center, we pulled Daisy into rescue from the Barnwell County Animal Shelter. As seen in the first photo, Daisy had been shot in the eye and would most likely been euthanized if we had not helped her. Because her eye was so badly infected, she was immediately placed on antibiotics. Unfortunately, the eye could not be saved and had to be removed by our veterinarian, Dr. Mitchell.



Ruffles had hair loss & bad bacterial infection of skin due to demedex.

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